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Best Online LIVE Classes For NEET

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Wave Optics

Prof. K.S. Balaji


Prof. Evvie Chockalingam

Structure of Lac Operon

Prof. Paul Vinotha Rajan

Frequently asked Questions

Yes. This course will help students who study in CBSE as well as in ICSE board. It will also help students who are preparing for JEE and NEET and other competitive examinations. However, chapters in the textbook which are purely theory will not be covered in this course. For more information about the topics, please check the course description section.
You can track your child’s progress anytime, in the section called 'My Reports' in the student’s dashboard page. This section provides you with a detailed report about your lesson completion status and the performance of your child. We also have a dedicated AhaGuru Parent App, where parents can monitor the student’s progress which is connected to their learning portal. This enables parents view the reports at their convenience.
For Students enrolling for LIVE Classes, the doubts will be cleared instantly during the class and they would also be allocated a mentor who would be available to clear their doubts anytime through email or WhatsApp. For Mentor Learning Program, each student will be allocated a mentor with whom the student can constantly be in touch. Any doubts or clarifications can be asked via WhatsApp or email, which will be answered by our allocated mentors. AhaGuru Doubts App will soon be launched for students. For Self-Study Course, the doubt-clearing feature is not included. However, if the doubt-clearing feature is required as an added feature, you can upgrade from the Self-study Course program to our Mentored Learning Program.
Sorry, you will not be able to download the videos or questions from the course. You need to be connected to the internet to view the videos, answer questions and to access the video solutions.
All the Live classes are recorded and uploaded to your course. Even if you miss a class, you can always revisit the missed session any time by following the link to the Live class.
No, the books and study materials will be sent through courier only to address within India.

The validity period of any single course is 1 year. If you had purchased for 2 classes then the validity period is for 2 years. The validity period will be extended automatically to one more year if you purchase any other course from AhaGuru the next year.

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