AhaGuru Student Keerthana Kasi is Tamil Nadu State First (AIR 12) in NEET 2018.

Keerthana Kasi

Tamil Nadu State First (AIR 12) in NEET 2018

Score: 676 / 720

We are very happy to share that Ahaguru student Keerthana Kasi has secured Tamilnadu State First in NEET 2018.

She has got a score of 676 and has got All India Rank 12. She is the only student from TN in the top 50 all India ranks.

Keerthana is a very bright student who has been attending Ahaguru for three years. She attended Balaji Sampath's physics classes. Then she took Ahaguru online Physics courses by Balaji during std 11 and std 12.

Balaji says "Keerthana would work hard solving problems and send her doubts and discuss till her concepts were completely clear".

Earlier, Keerthana had also topped Ahaguru Physics Challenge tests, won the KVPY fellowship and was also selected by MIT Boston for RSI camp.

Keerthana topping Tamilnadu NEET is the result of her sincere and persistent efforts over several years.

Ahaguru team congratulates Keerthana Kasi on her fantastic success and wishes her lots more in the future.