How to stay ahead and prepare for the Class 10 Board exam?


A Special Session for Class 10

Parents and Students!


Why should parents attend this event?

  • tick-circle.png Strategies for effective time management and study techniques tailored for Math preparation.
  • tick-circle.png Guidance on seeking additional support or resources if needed for Math exam readiness.
  • tick-circle.png Resources and tools available to aid in Math exam preparation.
  • tick-circle.png Tips for maintaining motivation and focus during the preparation period.
  • tick-circle.png Guidance on time management techniques to balance Class 10 Board exam preparation with JEE readiness.
  • tick-circle.png Advice on adopting problem-solving approaches and techniques relevant to both Class 10 Boards and JEE Mathematics.

Who will conduct this webinar?


Dr. A. Ravishankar

Maths, B.Tech, IIT Madras

Prof. A. Ravishankar, got his M.S and PhD. from CMU and earned 3 patents in the US. He was a faculty at IIT Madras before devoting his time to school education. He has been training students for IIT JEE & Olympiad exams for the past 10 years. He is the Director of Prodijee Education Academy. His innovative Maths classes at AhaGuru have been a big hit with students.

Experience The AhaGuru Difference

AhaGuru offers a unique Online learning experience for students from Class 5 - 12. It enables students to prepare for and ace entrance exams like IIT JEE, NEET and BITSAT.

AhaGuru focuses on concept clarity and real understanding. AhaGuru's expert teachers, with several decades of teaching experience and research, have developed unique techniques to help students build problem-solving skills and master the subject. Learning from the comfort of their home, AhaGuru's Online LIVE Classes and Recorded Video Courses equip students with the right skills to excel.

What Our Students Say ...



495/500 in Class 10 Board Exams


Harish Siddharth

193/200 in Class 10 Board Exams

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