Maths for CBSE (Std 6)

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This course includes
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    Concept Videos to help you understand in depth.

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    Example Videos to show you how to solve each type of question.

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    Practice Questions to build your skills.

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    Chapter Tests to help you score more in your school exams.

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    Badges and Medals to reward your learning.

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    Certificates to recognize your chapter mastery!

What you will learn

In this course, every chapter is divided into several skill builders.

Each skill builder has:
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    Concept Videos that helps you understand the key ideas deeply.

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    Example Videos teach you problem solving techniques by showing you, step by step, how to solve each type of question.

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    Practice Questions designed to build your skills and apply the techniques you have learnt through the example videos. Every question has detailed solutions that you can see after you have tried it. Practice as much as you want till you have mastered the topic.

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    Chapter Tests covering all the concepts in each chapter to help you prepare for your school exams.

Topics Covered in Class 6
  • 1. Knowing our Numbers
  • 2. Whole Numbers
  • 3. Playing with Numbers
  • 4. Basic Geometry
  • 5. Elementary Shapes
  • 6. Integers
  • 7. Fractions
  • 8. Decimals
  • 9. Mensuration
  • 10. Algebra
  • 11. Ratio and Proportion
  • 12. Symmetry
  • Whether you are working on algebra, fractions, decimals or geometry, this MathZap course will help you master the topic and will build your confidence!

Watch and Learn!

Real Stories from Real Students

Aaron Chriswin
6 std student

When I saw the Geometry topic video I was able to understand clearly. I was finding difficult to differentiate between Planes, Points and Line Segments which are the basics of Geometry. The videos had real-life examples by which I am able to relate and understand. Now I am able to relate each and every thing I see and apply the concepts which has improved my understanding of the topic.

6 std student

Mathzap app was really useful for me. As I started using it on a regular basis, my speed in solving problems increased. The videos were very clear and easy to understand. Now I even challenge my friends to solve problems mentally. I was excited with winning coins, cups and awards as I progressed in my problem-solving skills.

6 std student

It is so much fun to learn maths from my home itself, that too all by myself using Mathzap. I am able to solve my school problems very easily, after using Mathzap.