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About the Course

Coordinate Geometry, also known as Analytic Geometry, is a mathematical discipline that merges Algebra and Geometry to provide a systematic way to describe, analyze, and manipulate geometric objects using a coordinate system.

Coordinate Geometry opens up a world of precision, problem-solving, and creativity. It is your gateway to a world where mathematics meets visual representation.

Whether you're looking to ace your Board exams or determined to crack IIT JEE, this course will equip you with the most essential techniques and shortcuts developed after extensive research by Dr. Balaji Sampath.

What you will learn

This course will equip you with heightened problem solving skills to ace both Maths & Physics.

  • A clear understanding of basic concepts like the Cartesian Coordinate System to studying equations in circles and exploring Conic sections.
  • Build essential skills like performing transformation of geometry shapes, how to apply concepts to solving complex problems and make connections to other areas of Maths & Science.
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills necessary for success in more advanced concepts in Algebra, Calculus and other Mathematical disciplines.

Each skill builder has

  • mat-black-tick

    Concept Videos help you understand the key ideas deeply and gain insights into the underlying concepts.

  • mat-black-tick

    Solved Examples teach you problem solving techniques by showing you how to solve each type of question, step by step.

Topics Covered

  • 1. Coordinate System Basics
  • 2. Geometry Application
  • 3. Area of Triangles and Polygons

Watch and Learn!

Real Stories from Real Students
Lalitya Chekrish
Class 11

I would like to thank AhaGuru and Balaji sir for making such an amazing lesson for our better understanding of the concept. They are very useful in grasping the concept. I request the AhaGuru team to please make a lesson on Complex Numbers, Conic Sections and Mathematical Induction which will be very useful for us.

coordinate geometry class 11
Class 12

Coordinate Geometry lesson was really helpful for some visualizing chapters . They help us understand concepts much better than the textbook explanations. We are really grateful for all the efforts in making the lessons impactful. Thank you AhaGuru.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the AhaGuru courses suitable for CBSE/ICSE school syllabus?
This course will help students who study in CBSE as well as in ICSE board. It will also help students who are preparing for JEE and NEET and other competitive examinations.
How beneficial are the Micro Courses for students?
Micro Courses help students to master specific topics that they find difficult, one topic at a time, at their own pace. Our research team focuses on how every topic can be made interesting and realistic in order to build the concepts, problem solving skills and confidence.
How can I track my child's progress?
You can track your child’s progress in each topic anytime. There is a section in the student’s dashboard page where you can see a detailed report about lesson completion as well as the performance of your child.
Can I download the videos?
Sorry, you will not be able to download the videos or questions from the course. You need to be connected to the internet to view the videos, answer questions and to access video solutions.
What is the refund policy?
Unfortunately, we do not entertain refund requests for Micro Courses.