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About the Course

Vectors, as a fundamental concept, is extensively used to solve 70% of the problems in Class 11 & 12 Maths and Physics. This makes it an essential topic to master for students aiming for high scores in Boards and Competitive exams like IIT JEE & NEET.

In this course, Dr. Balaji Sampath has simplified Vectors learning and has developed unique techniques that make solving complex problems an enjoyable experience.

What you will learn

This course will equip you with heightened problem solving skills to ace both Maths & Physics.

  • Gain complete understanding of Vectors properties, operations and their applications.
  • Learn how to approach complex Maths & Physics problems and break them down to easy, manageable parts.
  • Develop computational and visual reasoning skills for future careers in Engineering, Computer Graphics, AI etc.
Each skill builder has
  • mat-black-tick.png

    Concept Videos help you understand the key ideas deeply and gain insights into the underlying concepts.

  • mat-black-tick.png

    Solved Examples teach you problem solving techniques by showing you how to solve each type of question, step by step.

Skills Covered
  • 1. Vector Basics
  • 2. Vector Representation
  • 3. Vector Resolution
  • 4. Vector Addition
  • 5. Subtraction, Unit Vectors, Projection
Watch and Learn!

Real Stories from Real Students

Aadhavan Sridharan
Class 11

The skill builders break down the fundamentals of Physics... Vectors are essential for Physics and it is important to understand it well. By making simple animated videos and explaining everything step by step with solved examples as well, the skill builders gave me a very solid foundation to build upon and have me easily grasp all further concepts.

Akshar KB
Class 11

I found the Vectors skill builders very engaging and easy to understand. Balaji sir made it very simple to understand topics like Unit Vector etc which I couldn't understand in school. After doing the skill builders, the recorded lesson of Vectors was straightforward. The skill builder also made the concept of Vector Resolution clear.