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Electric Charge and Field








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About the Course

Electric Charge and Field is an important topic in Class 12 Physics. Mastering the behaviour of many physical systems requires a solid understanding of the subject. This course is designed for Class 12 students as well as IIT JEE and NEET applicants, as it gives you a unique methodology and useful tips, techniques, and shortcuts for handling even the complex Electric Charge and Field problems.

What you will learn
  • Fundamental concepts of Electric Charge and Field, including Coulomb's law and electric field lines.
  • Deep understanding of electric potential and its applications in calculating potential in different situations.
  • This course will not only assist you in problem solving, but will also allow you to enjoy and fall in love with the electrostatic force and its applications in our daily life.
Each skill builder has
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    Concept Videos help you understand the key ideas deeply and gain insights into the underlying concepts.

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    Solved Examples teach you problem solving techniques by showing you how to solve each type of question, step by step.

Skills Covered
  • 1. Electric Charge and Matter
  • 2. Coulomb’s Law
  • 3. Electric Field
  • 4. Superposition and Field Lines
  • 5. Dipoles and Torque
  • 6. Dipole Field and Energy
Watch and Learn!

Real Stories from Real Students

Srinja Mallik
Class 12

The video representation of the topics are awesome and the way they are presented is incredible. The practice questions cover all the aspects, challenges and tricks that one must know to solve complex problems.

Maanas Khatokar N
Class 12

I really liked the skill builders on Electric Charge and Field concepts. Balaji Sampath sir's ability to explain complex concepts with clarity and depth is amazing. He makes complex topics intuitive. When concepts are presented in an intuitive way, students can more easily understand and implement, as proved by these skill builders.