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Electric Circuits








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About the Course

Electric Circuits is one of the difficult chapters in Class 12 Physics.

Did you know that Electric Circuits has a weightage of about 30% in the CBSE Physics exams?

This course will cover the entire Electric Circuits of Class 12. It will also be useful for students appearing for JEE & NEET exams.

What you will learn

This course comprehensively covers complete Electric Circuits topic of Class 12 Physics.

  • Start from basic circuit analysis skills and gradually escalate to solving advanced level problems.
  • Learn to quickly identify non-routine ways to solve circuits instead of long winded formula based calculations.
  • Keep yourself future-ready for higher studies that involve Electric Circuits and crack IIT JEE & NEET with ease.
Each skill builder has
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    Concept Videos help you understand the key ideas deeply and gain insights into the underlying concepts.

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    Solved Examples teach you problem solving techniques by showing you how to solve each type of question, step by step.

Skills Covered
  • 1. Electric Potential and KVL
  • 2. Electric Current
  • 3. Ohm's Law
  • 4. Branching Circuits
  • 5. Zero Potential Method
  • 6. Equivalent Resistance 1
  • 7. Equivalent Resistance 2
  • 8. Electric Power
  • 9. Resistivity and Electric Instruments
Watch and Learn!

Real Stories from Real Students

Abhinav Kandula
Class 12

The topics covered in the skill builders are all crystal clear. Balaji Sampath sir has revised the Circuits topics so that they are useful for 10th std students also.

Maanas Khatokar N
Class 12

Balaji Sampath sir uses visuals, graphics, demonstrations…they are not only informative but also enhance the overall learning experience. He goes beyond surface-level explanations and ensures that students develop a deep conceptual understanding, which is crucial for mastering Physics. Overall I loved the lectures and had fun learning.