This is to inform all concerned that AhaGuru Education Technology Pvt. Ltd provides Ahaguru.com as an online education service to students.

Ahaguru.com provides high quality educational inputs which will enhance the learning, understanding and skills of the student. Many students who have used Ahaguru.com have benefitted immensely and have performed extremely well in both their school board exams as well as competitive exams and have got admission into IITs, NITs, BITS and many other prestigious colleges.

Ahaguru.com guarantees the quality of educational inputs which if used and studied properly can enhance a student’s grasp of concepts and skills in problem solving. But we wish to inform students and parents that Ahaguru.com is not associated with any college or school and does not guarantee admission to any college or school or performance in any board or competitive examinations. Ahaguru.com is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, any communication from any person or organization claiming to be associated with or representing Ahaguru.com offering guaranteed admission to a college or school. Students and parents are advised not to indulge in any monetary or other engagement with such sources for their own safety.